Eye Of Horus Brief Overview

Since its founding, Merkur Gaming has been delivering an exceptional gambling experience to players around the world. Their specialty, in particular, is online slot games of all shapes and sizes. And now they offer their latest hit – Eye of Horus.

The game theme takes us to Ancient Egypt, times long before the Great Pyramids were built. Horus, a son of a goddess and a mortal man, was worshipped as a god of the Sun. He was depicted as a man with a falcon head. Seth, the god of death and disorder, killed Osiris, Horus’ father. In an attempt to avenge his father and save Egypt from Seth’s tyrannical reign, Horus lost an eye. Ever since then, the Eye of Horus has been one of the widely used symbols that were thought to bring luck and grant protection from Horus himself.

The Eye of Horus slot might seem like a classic slot with five reels and three rows, but it’s not. This game is packed with features that will give you an ultimate gambling experience. It’s available in both desktop and smartphone modes. You can play Eye of Horus for free online anytime!

A couple of words about the interface – short and sweet. Three buttons at the top of the window, each described in more detail below:

  • The payouts list – the first thing you need to learn is the value of each symbol and their combinations. Five minutes, moving on.
  • The information sheet – explains the logic behind paylines, wins and losses; shows you how to change the number of paylines, the bet size, and how to use the autoplay feature.
  • The volume control slider. Self-explanatory.

The logic behind the process is quite simple. The more money you risk per bet, the greater the potential reward. Betting on more lines increases the bet amount but you cover more possible combinations.

Eye of Horus is one of the best-looking slots you’ll find online. Don’t hesitate, it’s time to play!

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