What’s behind the popularity of gambling and what age group is sparking an interest?

You may already be aware of the popularity of casinos, but did you know that the casino industry generates an estimated 120+ billion dollars in total revenue every year? But have you ever wondered why gambling in casinos and via the internet is so popular?

Millions of people around the world scatter to online casinos because the global pandemic have shut their local casino, it can be difficult to find and settle in an online casino because there is over 2,000+ online gaming websites on the internet, however, you should read the reviews at Conquestador casino, within the website, there is list compiled of all the top rated casinos, all in with offers unique welcome packages, bonuses, promotions and more. 

Within the infographic, we’ve explored why individuals around the world like taking part in gambling activities, we all know that gambling physically in casinos and bookie shops is a great way to socialise and to meet new people, but what are the other reasons? Different people have their say on this question.

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