The Best Games for Esports Betting

The past few years have signalled huge change in the esports betting market as all of the big operators around the world have jumped on board and are riding the esports wave, and the changes to the trading marketplaces have meant that skin trading and skin betting are on the way out in favour of the more familiar form of betting – with so many games in the esports betting market places, however, which are the best choices for you to bet on, either as an experienced fan or a newcomer exploring the new ground?

The big three – The top end of esports is made up of the top three games in Counter-Strike, DotA2, and League of Legends – they bring in the most viewership and make up a sizeable amount of the esports scene as a whole, as such it’s no surprise that they’re the biggest to bet on. They’re the most represented across all betting sites such as too, as such you’ll find the highest number of available betting markets in these games. Not necessarily a drawback, but with so many ongoing games and events all around the world, it can certainly be overwhelming for newcomers, and if you’re not an experienced player or viewer for the games too there’s a lot of nuance that can be missed which makes up for a lot of understanding of the games and betting strategies too. If you have the time to invest to learn any of the titles, it’s certainly worth it, if not it may be worth starting a little smaller.

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The up-and-comers – Whilst there’s little change in the games at the top, every now and then a new title does come along to upset the status quo a little – these up-and-coming games may have a crossover in the scene or may just be in a position where they’re much easier to understand and follow it generates a growing audience. New titles like Valorant certainly fit into this category –with a lot of players from Counter-Strike moving over and the fanbase from League of Legends, it’s set to be the next big esports title and will come with a huge betting market too, and there’s plenty of time yet to get your foot in the door.Playing with familiarity – The other choice is to go with something known to you, and this comes with a few limited choices as there’s a rise of games like FIFA and NBA providing virtual sports betting to those making the transition. These games are much smaller, but are growing with support from the organisations and franchises, and provide an easy and more familiar way in for the new players not looking to make the complete transition to the unique esports games.

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