Nike unveils the new 2019 NBA All-Star Edition uniform

Nike is a famous brand that unveiled the new 2019 NBA All-Star Edition uniform. Its design was inspired by Charlotte and a remarkable All-Star game in 1991. The uniform comes with many interesting features.

Nike designs its 2019 NBA All-Star Edition uniform

Nike revealed the new design of the 2019 NBA All-Star Edition uniform. It was inspired by Charlotte and a memorable All-Star game played back in 1991. Be prepared for winning with pinup betting.

When it comes to graphics and combination of colors (blue, white, and red), the brand took ideas from the style popular in the 90s. Shorts contain the logo inspired by the 1991 game. It’s placed on the side and the waist. The honeycomb pattern is integrated into crowns on vents and the NBA star logo. It was done to appreciate all fans in Charlotte.

The new uniform also uses the stencil font, which is military-inspired, for all player numbers and names. Team logos, player numbers and names are in black. Stars in contrasting colors are on each side, and they serve as a tribute to previous All-Star uniform designs. In overall, the new uniform designed by Nike is unique and original, but it still has tributes to previous uniforms. The famous NBA All-Star Game is scheduled for mid-February 2019. Team rosters are still unrevealed. It’s expected that the event will reach a large number of fans in many countries and languages. It plays an important role in popularizing basketball and enabling it to reach a new audience.

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