How online Rummy is different from Poker

Online rummy and poker are among the most popular card games played by people all across the world in social settings. Online rummy is a skill-based card game that has become an integral part of the Indian families and is played during every occasion, big and small. It is a great way of socializing and communicating with friends and family. Poker, on the other hand, is a card game that involves betting and individual play. It is a very popular game played in casinos around the world. The main difference between rummy and poker is that the former requires a skill set for playing while the latter is more based on chance and luck. Rummy is not a fluke game. You need to have certain skills for playing the game and winning.

Before we discuss the difference between the two, let’s start with getting a brief description of both:


This is a card matching game involving possession of cards of the same suit, rank, and sequence. The origin of this game can be traced back to 18th century Europe. Many people can play this game at the same table. However, this is a skill-based game. Since there is no betting factor, it is difficult for fortune to play any favorites. You can play this game in clubs as well as at home during family gatherings. In fact, there is even a kid’s variation of the game known as ruckus or children’s rummy. In this game, every player is dealt 7 cards and has to get more than 3 cards of the same suit in sequence.


Poker can be considered as a game of mind. It is popular for the deception that is commonly used in the game. It is believed that poker originated in the 20th century. The winner of the game is decided by the combination of the cards or ranks at the end. People often bet money and other valuable items while playing the game. There are four main variations of this card game – stud poker, draw poker, straight poker, and community card poker. Each of them has their own little variations and twists. In order to win this game, you must have good betting skills along with good fortune on your side. Poker is more popular than rummy and is played in casinos all around the globe.

Similarities between online rummy and Poker

There is a tension between poker and rummy players. Each side tries to get an upper hand on the other. As the online rummy vs poker battles rages, here are a few aspects in which both card games are similar:

  1. For both rummy and poker, more than two players are required for starting the game. Both games start with the players dealing with the card dealer. Also, both of them require setting cards in sequences or sets which makes them equal in this scenario.
  2. In both rummy and poker, importance is given to the managing cards in the hands and the playing order. Also, you can either drop or fold cards in both the games.
  3. In both online rummy and poker, every player is required to show their cards after the winning hand has been declared.
  4. Both the games involve you organizing or arranging your cards in sequences and sets of a single suit.
  5. From the moments you are dealt the cards, you have to start assessing and evaluating the cards you have received. It is very important that you are subtle about it. If you have good cards, you don’t want to reveal this fact in any way to your opponents.

Difference between online rummy and poker

  1. A game of skill vs the game of luck

According to the rules of the rummy game, the person most likely to win the game is the player who holds their cards and uses superior skills for playing the game. Poker, on the other hand, is a game where your win depends on whether you have been dealt favorable cards or not. Luck plays an important role while determining your success in the poker game. You can say that Poker is a game of perception and chance while rummy is a game of calculation.

  • The number of decks

For playing rummy, you need two jokers and two decks of 52 cards. However, with poker, you only need a single deck of 52 cards.

  • Betting cash

For winning a game in Rummy, players are not required to place a betting amount, while for Poker, it is a primary requirement to place bets for winning money.

These are a few fundamental differences between online rummy and poker. Even though both games are highly engaging, rummy is usually played at home and in clubs, while poker is popular in casinos worldwide. Both games have a reason for their popularity. So, if you are interested in playing rummy, learn the rules, and be a part of a global, active network, you can register on an online card game platform and start playing your favorite cash games.

Whether you play online rummy or poker, you will have fun as well as an opportunity to win cash. Rummy is extremely popular in India because it has been a part of the club and social game for a long time. Poker is still restricted a little as it was not traditionally played in the country. In both cases, players can play these games online from the comfort and safety of their homes at any time during the day or night. Both games have a cult following and this battle between online rummy and poker will continue until people stop playing these games.

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