Different Types of Slot Machines

Slot machines have been categorized, classified, labelled or sorted in various ways. You can check out online slot machines and learn more about them today over at www.slotsmummy.com.They come in a wide range of selection, from the very basic to the complicated ones. In a nutshell, slot machines may be categorized based on the type of game, number of reels, the type of jackpot, denominations used, and whether the slot is a class II or the more traditional class III type which is also called Vegas-style slot machine.

Based on game type, slot machines may be categorized as classic slots, fruit machines, video slots, 3D slots, pokies and AWP slots.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are the traditional Las Vegas of one-payline, three-reel slots. This type of slot is the ideal one for beginner slot players as the design is simple, making It easy to operate and “play”. Some seasoned players seem to gravitate towards this slot type as they wish to get-away from the complications of bonus games, wilds and symbols, multipliers et al.

On either side is the play table which shows the winning combinations. Three buttons allow a player to bet the minimum or maximum coin. Classic slots are mostly seen in land-based casinos but there are online casinos that do offer classic las vegas slots online for real money.

Fruit Machines

This type of slot machine was developed due to a ban on putting slots in land-based casinos. Prevalent in the UK, fruit machines do not offer huge jackpots or rewards, making it ideal for placement in arcades, bars, and other public places. A fruit machine differs from a classic slot as the former allows more player interaction. A fruit machine usually features a cash ladder and bonus trail.

The “nudge” button is different from the “hold” button. When a player presses the hold button, one or more reels is kept still and unmoving until the next spin. The nudge button allows a player to move the reel on the next spin. 

Video Slots

Video slot machines are the most popular type of slots today as they offer more gaming features and options to players. Where a traditional slot features 3-reels and 5-paylines, video slots can have more than 100 paylines, various interactive games, a range of bonus features such as free spins anda variety of symbols from the video slot theme including wilds and scatters. The graphics and animations are superiorly executed, with a background audio that best represents the slot’s theme, with most of them opening the game with a short animation that gives a backgrounder of the theme. IGT, Playtechand NetEnt license popular brands have Wheel of Fortune and Ironman as theme to their video slots.

3D Slots

This type of slots is the same as video slots, but offers more in terms of gaming experience through the use of high-tech software. Designed to deliver fast and smooth gaming, 3D slots offer excellent 3D animation for a feel of “real” experience. Aside from enhanced sound effects and graphics, 3D slots software also facilitates intuitive navigation of a slot’s interface. Added features are support in multiple languages as well as a chat box that allows players to communicate with one another as they play.

Most 3D slots can be played without downloading the game across devices, allowing a gamer to play straight from an online casino’s website. However, a player has to register an account on the online casino of choice to start playing. Online casinos do offer free credits for players to familiarize themselves with 3D slots of their choice. Once confident, a player may choose to play for real money.


Pokies is the New Zealand and Australian version of slots. Some of the more popular types of Pokies are the multi-payline and 5-reel machines with bonuses. There are 3-reel pokies too and most do not offer free games and other bonuses. Newer pokies now offer free spins and gamble features, allowing players to double, triple, or quadruple their winnings. Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming are pokie sites providers.

AWP Slots

Amusement with Prize (AWP) slots refer to the UK version of one-armed bandits. An AWP slot may be referred to as a fruit machine or a traditional slot machine based on where it is situated. Due to licensing and regulation laws in UK, a machine situated in a casino is referred to as a slot machine or a fruit machine depending on the play. A machine that is located in an amusement center or arcade is called an AWP machine. Though there is not much difference between AWPs and slots, the former has lower limits on betting and pot prize. And then there is the SWP or skill with prize machine where a player’s chances of winning is impacted by his skills or manual dexterity. Modern slot machines in online casinos offer a wide array of bonuses and special symbols that could bring in a sizeable jackpot prize to a lucky player.

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