Breaking Myths for Online Casinos

Since their inception, casinos as a whole have always been shrouded in different myths built by the players that have gone on losing streaks or feel they have hot hands and can’t lose – whilst some may have merit, most are just straight up fictitious. This past year in particular has seen a huge number of new services grow in popularity as a surge of players have turned their free time to online casinos – there have been initiatives launched such as Gamstop in hopes to slow this grow, but here is a good list of examples for the many that aren’t subscribed and remain open for new players – but with all of these new players comes uncertainty around the market, so we’ll help to debunk some of the bigger myths facing online casinos.

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Online casinos are rigged – It’s well known by now that the longer you play, the more in favour of the house the games are, but that’s just more down to statistics. This isn’t only a myth associated with online services as the same myth has also been long standing for brick-and-mortar locations – but the opposite is very much true, and if anything, online casinos are amongst the safest options. The biggest game providers all rely on a random number generator (RNG) for determination within their games, and this isn’t something that can be tampered with – with certain games especially tabletop cards, this becomes more important in online play as it can also mean decks can be shuffled on each hand for games like 21, something that wouldn’t otherwise be done.

Online casinos are more addictive – First and foremost, all of the big online casinos will all parrot the same message – make sure to play responsibly. The message to do so is certainly out there, and for some there can be an argument made that online casinos are more addictive simply because of their accessibility and the fact players can tap a button on their phone and start playing – but with every move you make in an online casino being tracked, and initiatives aimed at helping problem players, there are also more tools to help out too. There has been no link made to online options being more addictive and remains just another myth.

Only the whales can win the big bonus – There are often complaints around how difficult it can be to win certain bonuses, and myths that only the big whales can do so – whilst it is true that some of the bigger bonuses are harder to obtain, it’s just a myth that the regular player can’t do so. The bigger bonuses are tougher to win for a reason, and whilst those paying more will be in for more chances it doesn’t mean that only they can win. After all, playing should be for fun, and relying on a big bonus win shouldn’t be the goal for playing, or comparing your fortunes to others for that matter either – play your own game and the wins will come.

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