Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy Slot

A Slot by Bally

The Anchorman, the Legend of Ron Burgundy Slot, is an entertaining video slot provided by Bally. It’s based on Will Ferrell’s comedy movie that was released in 2004. The characters of this game are the same as the movie. It includes Baxter, Ron, Champ, Brian, and Brick.

Each character in this video slot provides the player with Wilds, high-paying symbols or even jackpots, and free spins. This Slot, has five reels and 25 pay-lines, pays from left to right. This game is mainly for those who loved the movie. However if you haven’t watched it, you will still enjoy the game.

What You Need to Keep In Mind

All of the Anchorman, the Legend of Ron Burgundy game’s symbols, is taken from the hilarious movie.

You will be able to find the lower-value paying symbols like:

–       A cowboy hat.

–       TV news van.

–       Sunglasses.

The higher-value paying symbols in this game will be images of the main characters. You will find pictures of:

–       Brian.

–       Brick.

–       Champ.

–       Ron.

Each character has his own bonus round. Winning in The Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy best online slots requires landing on any three or more same symbols. It has to be in an unbroken line, from left to right in any of the 25 pay-lines.

There’s a Wild symbol will be shown as “this is a Wild” so that no one can miss it, this wild symbol can replace any of the other symbols whether the hat, sunglasses, TV news van or even any of the characters. This Wild helps you complete nonstop runs of matching symbols so you would have higher chances in winning.

The Baxter Wild feature found in this Slot can provide random awards that can get up to 10 extra wilds.

The game can randomly change between Ron reels that will show you only the higher-value paying symbols, making it easier to win or can switch to the Mystery Stack reels. ‘

Game Features

 The game offers four interesting bonus rounds related to each character. Ron’s Giant free games feature, Champ’s Whammy game feature, Brick’s Weather wheels feature and Brian’s sex Panther pick feature.

In Ron’s giant free games feature you will be able to have six free spins, and the screens will expand to 19 rows and 117 pay-lines instead of 25. You will find six symbols, Fire, Anchor, Coat, Hat, Weight, and Robe Ron and you will also find car Baxter symbol.

The Whammy free games feature is available when the bonus reel stops on Champ. You will be given 12 free spins and a ladder with 12 steps that fills up every time a Whammy symbol appears on the screen. The higher you climb this ladder, the bigger your rewards will be. When reaching the 12th step in this ladder, you will be awarded, and each Whammy symbol you got will multiply your stake by 13.33. 

In Brick’s Weather Wheels feature you can get prizes to range between 75 and 1,000 times your stake when spinning the blue wheel.  If you got one spin of the Green Wheel when landing on the level up segment, you could win between 200 and 2000 times your stake. When landing on the Level up here, you will spin the Red wheel, which can give you a multiplier between 2 and 10x that is applied to all of your wheels wins.

Brian’s Sex Panther Pick feature will let you pick 3 out of 15 bottles on the screen, and each one you select will be giving you a prize or a +1 pick that let you pick another bottle. After pulling the three bottles and getting your award, you will then choose one from five packets to get a multiplier between 2 and 10x that will be applied on the winnings from the bottles you previously picked.

Playing The Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy slot machine online allows you to enjoy playing with all its bonus rounds and features, and free spins like no other game. You can play The Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy free, or you can play The Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy for real money with betting that starts from 0.75 per spin and a maximum bet of 150 per spin and with RTP of 96.03%. You can also enjoy the “autoplay” button in this game that will spin the reels on your own; all you need to do is set your bet and press on the autoplay button. Winning in this video slot is not impossible. It is pretty standard to win, and you can also get one of the three jackpots they offer. When playing all you need to do is land on three or more similar symbols to win. There is no strategy or cheats when playing THIS game; all it requires is luck and patience.


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